Central Maine Youth Hockey Association

2024/2025 Coach / Volunteer Registration



Coach / Volunteer Registration:

Looking forward to an exciting and fun filled season!


This registration session will walk you through the required steps of becoming a Coach or Volunteer, allow you to sign consents, and complete contact information. Please make sure to read through each page carefully to ensure that all information is provided accurately.

Basic Requirements:

Step 1: USA Hockey Registration:
  • Everyone MUST have their own current year *April 1st 2024 - August 31st 2025* USA Hockey registration.

To register please follow this link 

  • Make sure to PRINT and SAVE the USA Hockey confirmation of registration with the unique number.
  • Make sure to return to this registration session to proceed. You will need the unique USA Hockey code to complete this registration.

**If you volunteer for multiple roles, but plan on participating in ANY *on ice* activities as a Coach or Player; Please remember to register with USA Hockey as a Coach/Player.**

**If you register with USA Hockey as a Volunteer, and have two X's in your unique number; Please remember you can NOT participate in ANY *on ice* activities.**

Step 2: Login to Sports-Engine:

  • Everyone MUST login to your Sports-Engine profile account by signing in at this link or clicking on the "Sign-In" at the top right of this site.
  • Please make sure to update all contact information on your Sports-Engine profile.

*If you do not already have an account, please create an account at this link with Sports-Engine to help keep the registration process as easy as possible year to year.

Step 3: Background Screenings:

  • Everyone MUST complete the background screening process prior to taking part in ANY *On or Off Ice* team activities with minors.
  • To complete the background screening process, follow this link.
  • Complete the screening, and return back to this registration.

Step 4: SafeSport:

  • Everyone MUST complete SafeSport training prior to taking part in ANY *On or Off Ice* team activities with minors. The SafeSport Training and Refresher Training are each valid for one (1) season. 

**If you have not completed SafeSport training, you will still be able to complete this registration, but will not be allowed to participate in ANY *On or Off Ice* team activities where minors are present until it is completed.**

  • Make sure to SAVE, PRINT, and SEND A COPY of the Certificate to: athletics@clubaycc.org
  • To complete Safesport, please follow this link.

Molly Folsom

CMYHA Hornets - Registrar